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Whole Life Insurance Evaluator

Policy Holder Birth Year Month (1-12)
Policy Statement Year Month (1-12)

Net Death Benefit
Past Year's Cash Value Increase
Policy Premium Paid
Total Cash Value

The tools doesn't currently do the best job of checking input values and will not report nonsense inputs, so double-check for typos.

The calculator computes the return on the policy for the previous year. The cash value of the life insurance aspect is the ( [Total Death Benefit] - [Cash Value Last Year] ) multiplied by the probability that the policy holder dies during the previous year. In other words, assuming the insurance company was playing a "fair" game. That probability is based on 2014 Social Security Administration mortality tables. The return on the policy is then the sum of the cash flows during the year divided by the cash value at the beginning of the year. The sum of cash flows is [Term Insurance Value] + [Cash Value Increase] - Premium, while the value at the beginning of the year is [Cash Value] - [Cash Value Increase].

Disclaimer: Use at your own risk. Neither Skewray Research, LLC nor Brian M. Sutin provide financial advice.